what we do

we are proud to offer 10  fun, science workshops individually monitored for children.
2- day workshop for every topic 
When:  9 am-12 pm.
Ten attractive topics about living things.
Hugely rewarding experience, full of interactive Incursions, hands-on learning activities, dance, Music, Mathematics, English for 3-5 year children.

 Providing an inspiring day that is both educational and fun whilst encouraging them to perform as part of a team.

Our primary workshop( Day 1) encourages children to express themselves  (What I know) and stimulate them for learning more  (what I want to know) through different activities. 

Day 2 (What I have learnt) gives them the opportunity to deeply understand the topic. Professional educators monitor children`s interest and learning outcomes during the 2-day workshop. 

we guarantee to leave a lasting impression.

Workshop certificate of completion delivers to children at the end of Day 2.

you’re all invited to come on this adventure with us!

you may start the day with a lovely coffee from us on arrival routine while you can socialise with other parents ( to minimise abruptness of separation).

  • Enjoy going for excursions altogether and have lots of fun and make a inspiring day .
  • Maximum 2 excursions to the place of interest in the whole course (20 days workshops).
  • Children age  3 to 5 years.
  • Contact us now to book your place.

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